Yoga for Children

As a mom of two school age children, I realize how crazy life can be for them with the pressure to succeed at school, as well as in sports and other extra curricular activities.

That is where yoga can help them… and you. I started doing yoga when I was four, so I can attest first hand as to how much yoga helped me and shaped my life.

First, yoga teaches them how to breathe deeply and calmly. Second, the yoga poses incorporate techniques that help them learn to focus as well as improve balance and build strength. Together, these things improve mental concentration and physically improve their range of motion.

According to an article in Parent’s Magazine, yoga:

  • Enhances physical flexibility and strength. Learning to use muscles in new ways promotes physical strength.
  • Refines balance and coordination. While doing that, it also promotes mental clarity and physical poise.
  • Helps develop focus and concentration. This focus and concentration helps children in the classroom as well as on the yoga mat.
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence.Yoga teaches children to persevere, be patient, and work toward their goals—and that builds confidence.
  • Strengthens the mind-body connection.Yoga keeps children well grounded, and better equipped to face this often challenging world.

With consistent practice, your child will develop a calm, positive state of mind as well as a strong, healthy body. Schedule a private session for your child today!

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